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Sunday School Lessons by Barbara Menke
Envy's Boomerang
Pride, the Sneaky Sin
Samson-Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places


Photo/Video Policy
The Oakland Church of the Brethren occasionally uses photos and video appearances of people and groups on the church website, on bulletin boards, in the church newsletter and via other methods of media. Any member objecting to the use of their photo or video appearance, and/or objecting to the use of his/her child’s photo or video appearance, should inform the church office. Minor children will not be identified by name without permission.

Church Instrument Use
Any member wishing to use one of the church owned instruments in the sanctuary for personal practice should contact the person who has direct use of that instrument (eg. Chris on piano or organ, and Pete on drums). Availability is contingent on church office hours,
events in the sanctuary, and the practice needs of the musicians using the instruments for church services. - Music/Worship Team


Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital
300 W. 10 th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1240
Phone: 614-293-3300
Children’s Medical Center
One Children’s Plaza
Dayton , Ohio 45404-1815
Phone: 937-641-3000 or 1-800-228-4055

Dayton Heart Hospital
707 S. Edwin C Moses Boulevard
Dayton , Ohio 45408
Phone: 1-800-975-9996

Dettmer Behavioral Health Care Center
3130 North Dixie Highway
Troy , Ohio 45373
Phone: 548-0999

Good Samaritan Hospital
2222 Philadelphia Drive
Dayton , Ohio 45406-1891
Phone: 278-2612

Grandview Hospital
405 Grand Avenue
Dayton , Ohio 45405
Phone: 226-3200

Kettering Memorial Hospital
3535 Southern Boulevard
Kettering , Ohio 45429
Phone: 298-4331
Miami Valley Hospital
2 Wyoming Street Dayton , Ohio 45409
Phone: 937-208-8000
Patient Information: 220-2048
Reid Memorial Hospital
1401 Chester Boulevard
Richmond , Indiana 47374
Phone: 1-800-382-7343
Upper Valley Medical Center
3130 N. Dixie Highway
Troy , Ohio 45373
Phone: 1-800-432-8862
Wayne Hospital
835 Sweitzer Street
Greenville , Ohio 45331
Phone: 548-1141
Darke County Mental Health Clinic
212 E. Main Street
Greenville , Ohio 45331
Phone: 548-1635
Crisis Hot Line: (24 Hour) 1-800-351-7347
State of the Heart Home Health and Hospice of Darke County
1350 N. Broadway
Greenville , Ohio 45331
Phone: 548-2999